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AMAEBI! Kainoa is now catching Kauai Deep Sea Shrimp!

Updated: May 25, 2022

The flavor of this delicacy is exactly as the name implies, sweet (Ama) shrimp (Ebi) not to mention delicious!

Amaebi tails can be served raw to enjoy it's natural sweet flavor or cooked (briefly) to taste. The head is also considered a delicacy and most people enjoy preparing, serving and eating the shrimp whole.

Found in DEEP water only this species of shrimp is quite elusive and difficult to harvest on a good day! Luckily for you Kainoa has found an affordable and most importantly sustainable way to harvest this bounty and sell it direct to you!

Kainoa Fishery will be selling Amaebi at the Puhi Market soon! $20-$40 per container of sweet Amaebi!

To order larger quantities please contact us directly!


Tel: 808-639-6061

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